This is our fight now!

SAFFR Fundraising Raffles

In order for SAFFR to continue our work we are in need of funds. All the work done and funds spent up until now has culminated in the successful handing over of the petition to Mr John Scanlon and a fantastic gathering on the 24th September. SAFFR will now be moving forward with new projects. In order to do this we are in need funds. We are not begging for donations, we are raffling off fantastic prizes so anyone who buys a ticket stands a chance to win the raffle. We have extended the closing date to 20th December to give everyone a chance to purchase a ticket or two. Please buy a ticket, get friends and family to buy and share our raffles far and wide. You could just win one of these fabulous luxurious prizes for two. Thank you for your support.

The SAFFR Song

This is Our Fight Now

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