This is our fight now!

SAFFR Beerfest Fundraiser

The day of Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) event had arrived. The event was an initiative organised by Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) to create awareness of the plight of the rhinos and the continuing decimation of our wildlife, in Springs inviting members of the public of all ages making it a fun filled day to raise much needed funds Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) going forward to 2017. Funds that are desperately needed for our fight to include legislation with regards to the dehorning of the rhino which is considered cruelty to the animal and Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) believes this legislation needs to be included in the Animal Protection Act of South Africa.

It was a clear, cool day for which we were grateful albeit a bit windy. We arrived early in order to prepare and we got on with the job. Laying out all the prizes and raffles on the table. Many stunning raffles have been donated to Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) and, due to the public's financial contraints, we have decided to reduce the price of the raffles to R100 a ticket in anticipation of being able to sell ALL the tickets. Those who have paid the original prices ie. R250.00 the difference will be allocated additional numbers on the raffles they have bought.

Tracy setting up the Skype call to Floris Swart of African Counter Poaching Federation who is supported by Southern African Fight For Rhino (SAFFR) and assisting Alexia with organising and assisting the food vendors setting up outside. Our volunteers were at the gate setting up and getting ready to meet the supporters.

From 11:00 the people started arriving and soon DJ Hannes got the vibe going.

The children start arriving and excitedly preparing for their competitions by having their faces painted by Michelle who did a fantastic Job. All the trophies presented to the winners were rhino related and were created by Terser and Dennis Mogensen. The competitions were for the best dressed children ranged from 9 months old to 13 years of age. The competition starts with the under 7s. Well we can tell you it was a very difficult decision to make as to who the winner would be! Wow so cute and with it young kids. Then it was the under 12s turn. Gee whizz these kids know how to strut their stuff! It was hard to decide who the winners would be. But finally we chose and the prizes went to a very deserving young lady and gent. The teens competition only had one contender but WOW! Richardo certainly deserved to win even had there been a lot of other contestants! He even did a victory dance on the tables for us all which added more fun and laugher to the event. There were a quite a few entrants for our sexiest couple. With much whoo whooing, cat calling, whistling and clapping, we selected the winner, although it was very close especially because the founding member of Southern African Fight For Rhino and organiser of the event, Alexia Abnett, danced down the walk with Allen Neill but, of course, they couldnt win and it was all part of the fun! The finalists were also sexy in our eyes. Love and happiness and lots of fun oozed from the winning couple.

Paul Oxton of Wildheart Wildlife Foundation then gave a very moving talk on the orphaned rhinos and the work that they do. Sadly we couldnt get through to Floris Swart on Skype due to signal issues.

Born in the Fall and DJ Hannes provided us with great music and entertainment keeping the fun filled vibe going. They too were generous. DJ Hannes donated his time and Born in the Fall just charged us for their expenses.

Then we had an exciting auction with stacks of donated items that were auctioned off.

Fun was had by all and the rain held off until our event was over.

Peaceful Gathering at the CITES CoP17 Meeting

24th September 2016

The gathering starts at 10:00 and ends at 14:00. Marshalls are to please start arriving from 09:00 for a briefing and to receive identifying armbands.

The gathering will take place on the corner of Greyston Avenue and West Street (opposite the Benmore Gardens Mall). Parking will be available at The Benmore Gardens Mall.

The change of venue has occured due to the massive security contingent that has been put in place for the 2600 delegates from 182 countries.

A 100 SAFFR member delegation will then be walking down to the corner of West Sreet and Alice Lane where the petition will be handed over to John Scanlon between 13:30 and 14:00.

PLEASE NOTE: This will not be a march, but a gathering at the above mentioned location. This is a peaceful gathering where we will be singing the SAFFR song. Interesting talks will also be given at the gathering.

We look forward to seeing all our supporters there.

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A Call to Action: This is our fight now!

Due to the enormous crowd that we are expecting, we are going to need more volunteer MARSHALLS. SO PLEASE, if you are able to volunteer your services, inbox us on Southern African Fight For Rhino or visit our website Please see contact section.

Due to other organisations, joining us, (both international and national) and have already booked their space, any other organisations who would like to join us, again please inbox either Tracy King or Alexia Abnett Trombas.

The SAFFR Song

This is Our Fight Now

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